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Business Continuity Plans and You

Technology is everything nowadays. It’s a wonder how we were able to function for so long without innovations like cell phones, the internet, and Yelp. Earth knows we tend to take things for granted and, on occasion, likes to test our ability to survive without technology. These tests usually come in the form of natural phenomena such as tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and floods. Luckily, technology has advanced to point where businesses can set themselves up to pass these tests. Businesses can continue to thrive even if their physical offices become inaccessible or unusable. Is your business ready to weather the storm?

A first step in preparing your business for emergency is to create a Business Continuity Plan. Business continuity plans describe how your company will respond to and continue to function through business disruptions. A key part of the plan is to establish methods of communication among employees in case the main lines of communication are unusable. Every staff member should have contact information for key management personnel, and management should have ways to send updates to the rest of the staff. Management should also have contact information for clients, the bank, and vendors of key systems (phone, internet, I.T., etc.). We urge our clients to provide us with the personal contact information of key personnel to be used in case of emergency only.

DeckerWright has taken steps to ensure that we can remain functional and reachable in the event of a major business disruption. Our phone, email, and ticketing systems are all cloud-based, meaning you can reach us at any time via phone at (732) 747-9373, option 2, or via email at For updates, find us on Facebook (@deckerwrightcorp) and on Instagram (@deckerwright).

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