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Dek Takes A Bite Of The Apple...

So I did it. I drank the Kool-Aid. I am now the owner of a space gray MacBook Pro laptop. What drew me over to the Dark Side? Service requests for Macs. I figured that if clients were going to ask me to do work on their Macs, I should know how to use one. Plus, they’re supposed to be great for photo editing. As a photographer, that’s a bonus.

The first time someone showed me a Mac, I came close to re-enacting that scene from Zoolander in which Hansel and Derek try to figure out how to turn on the computer. It took nearly five minutes for me to realize that the power button was on the keyboard. My triumph was short-lived as I was humbled once again after I logged in. I had to Google (from a different computer) how to perform simple tasks like a Windows right-click, cut/copy/paste, and delete a program. Navigating app and browser windows was like driving in Britain: everything was on the wrong side.

So far–except for the lack of traditional USB ports (don’t even get me started on Apple and their stupid dongles) – I like my Mac. It looks nice, feels nice, and works well. I’m still hiking up the learning curve and I probably have a long way to go before I earn my hipster glasses and become a “proficient” Mac user, but at least I now know where the power button is. Baby steps.

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