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Facebook and Your Life

News broke this week that data collected on Facebook for 50 million users was used by a company to help the Trump campaign in 2016. Facebook was surprised by the revelation, but we shouldn’t be. Personal data is the currency of the internet today. What Google, Facebook, and any other website knows about each of us is a valuable commodity available for sale. All of the major websites track customers and use powerful software to draw conclusions on our future behavior. Couldn’t they use this technology for something useful like stopping school violence? When searching for something on the web, have you ever noticed similar ads popping up on seemingly unrelated web sites? Ever wonder why and how? Stop wondering: your data is everywhere almost immediately. They know you and what you want better than you do.

The false hope that somehow today’s technology companies are socially responsible and care at all about protecting our personal data was shared by a lot of naive people. Big data means big money. That’s why the most valuable companies on the planet don’t make anything except use of data about you. The more you post online, the more you do online, the more the super brain in the cloud knows about you, the more they can share that data with anyone they want. Think George Orwell on steroids. 

The house in the country with no internet is looking better all the time.

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