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Introducing Compliance Security Service

compliance security

DeckerWright Corporation is now offering a Compliance Security Service (CSS) that provides additional security services to meet regulatory, HIPAA, PCI and financial industry requirements. CSS differs from the Business Security Services provided to every client today by providing additional security layers built into the latest regulations and industry guidelines.

The current Business Security Service (BSS) provides a layered defense against criminals and unscrupulous employees to protect a company’s data. BSS combines anti-virus and anti-malware software, a firewall with unified threat management, Windows patch management, email spam filtering with attachment and URL defenses, and local and cloud backups. All of these security services are monitored in our network operations center to ensure that software and threat identification data is current and working. Most important, backups are checked daily to ensure that anything from a lost file to a ransomware encrypted server can be quickly recovered.

The Compliance Security Service builds on the Business Security Service and adds services required to be in compliance with regulatory, PCI and financial industry requirements.These additional services include Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), employee training, dark web monitoring, multi factor authentication, email archiving, and a 24x7 security operations center that monitors the network for bad behavior. The SIEM system provides for device log file management and retention and analyzes the log files to look for bad behavior. The SIEM connects the dots found in the log file following the data bits from its source to its destination across multiple devices on the network to the internet. What may elude stand-alone security products is exposed through the SIEM’s heuristics. The SIEM alarms are sent to the security operations center where the SOC team immediately acts to defend against the attack. 

Along with the CSS, DeckerWright Corporation provides Chief Security Office (CSO) oversite of a client’s documentation, and governance as called for in regulatory and industry guidelines. Clients may opt to receive CSO services as used, or as part of their monthly Security as a Service fee. Components of CSS may be added to the Business Security Services to provide enhanced security to businesses.

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