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Introducing New Office 365 Backups

This past September, we began backing up client’s Office 365 data.  Starting at just $10 for 100 GIGs of storage, the backup system will backup email, contacts, calendar and SharePoint files stored in Office 365.  The backup system stores the data for a year, allowing the recovery of an email or file on any given day.   Increasingly our clients are relying on Microsoft SharePoint, Teams and One Drive for their document storage.  As more data gets stored in Microsoft’s cloud the need for external backups of the data has grown.

Microsoft in its service level agreement states that it is not responsible for backing up and protecting a user’s data.  While Microsoft does provide a way to restore lost or deleted files for several weeks after deletion, there is no way to go back three months and recover a file.  We maintain the backups for a year so that files may be recovered if a user suddenly discovers they are lost.  As clients increasingly move data to Teams, SharePoint and One Drive, the need for backups becomes greater. 

There is often a need to recover an earlier version of a file that may not exist any longer in Office 365.  In this case, the backed up file would be recoverable through the Office 365 backups.  By going backwards in time, the earlier version of the file may be identified and recovered.  This is a problem with seasonal or calendar based business processes that may only happen once a year, or only quarterly.  Having a backup copy of the files is the only method to recover these lost files.

The backups maintain old files for up to a year even after an account is deleted from Office 365.  When you delete a user from Office 365, those emails and files are deleted forever.  With the files backed up, you have the ability to recover an important email a former employee may have received.  Users often misplace emails in Outlook.  The backup system has advanced search features that can aid the recovery of misplaced emails. 

If a user’s account gets compromised, and all of the emails, contacts and files get corrupted or deleted, the only option a user would have would be to go to the backup copy of the lost items.  Between lost smartphones and cyber criminals hacking in, Office 365 data is at constant risk of being compromised.  Having a backup copy of the data is an important way to protect important business data.

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