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Introducing URL Defense

For protecting our clients, we use a spam filtering service from ProofPoint. ProofPoint is generally considered to be the leader in spam filtering technology and is used by many enterprises for email protection. ProofPoint’s spam filtering technology has many advanced features that protect our clients from ransomware attacks. Chief among these technical features is the URL Defense.

URL Defense examines links within an email and wraps them in a protected URL. When a user clicks on the URL, the link is redirected to ProofPoint where it is inspected to see if it is valid or leads to a malicious website. If the URL looks suspicious, it is blocked so that the user cannot get there. This prevents users from getting infected with malware that could initiate a ransomware attack.

The URL Defense was recently upgraded to include attachment “sandboxing”. A “sandbox” is a secure, isolated computer environment that is created to mimic another computer environment. Since a sandbox is isolated in its own security and network space, any malicious code or software launched in the sandbox can do no harm to any users or systems. By opening a file in a sandbox, a file or program may be tested to see if it will harm users or systems. With attachment sandboxing in ProofPoint, any attachment to an email approved for delivery is opened in a sandbox at ProofPoint. If the attachment contains malicious code, the email is quarantined so that the user does not get the email. Emails with clean attachments are forwarded to the user.

Since the vast majority of ransomware attacks by criminals are being undertaken through email, we recently upgraded all of our clients to include the URL defense. Other advanced features in ProofPoint include Data Loss Prevention, Email Encryption, and Email Archiving.

Why use ProofPoint and not Office 365 spam filtering? Not only is the spam filtering engine more reliable than the Office 365 Spam Filter, but ProofPoint also has advanced protection features not offered by Office 365 like DLP, URL Defense, and attachment sandboxing. Most people understand that companies specializing in anti-virus software make better anti-virus software than the basic software provided by Microsoft. The same is true with spam filters.

Click HERE for more information about ProofPoint spam filtering.

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