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Kaspersky Labs - Back Door for the Russians?

In early summer the federal government issued a directive to have any government agency using Kaspersky Labs anti-virus software to remove it immediately from their computers. Why? The government’s cyber security team linked attempted breaches to cyber criminals using access built into Kaspersky Labs AV software in attacks on government systems. The Wall Street Journal headlined that “Russia has Turned Kaspersky Software into Tool for Spying”.  The software routinely scans computers for malicious files, but can also be used to look for data files that might be valuable to cyber criminals or foreign governments. Apparently, the federal government’s cyber defense team has documented cases where the Kaspersky software was used as a tool for taking federal government documents. 

Kaspersky Labs denies the allegation, saying that it has no ties to either Russian crime syndicates or the Russian government. The US government thinks otherwise. What should you do if you're using Kaspersky Labs AV software? We recommend replacing Kaspersky Labs with another AV software package. Why take the risk? DeckerWright Corporation uses Webroot with all of its clients and recommends this software, but most of the AV programs on the market do the job.

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