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Little Used Office 365 Feature Helps the Team

Last year Microsoft added a new benefit to the basic Office 365 Business Essentials and Premium packages: Microsoft Teams. The new software provides a way for individuals and groups to quickly communicate via chat, voice and/or video. Teams is Microsoft’s version of Slack, a popular collaboration tool. Microsoft has differentiated Teams from other such tools by integrating Microsoft software components. For example, Teams relies on Skype to provide audio and video streaming. For file sharing, Teams taps into both OneDrive and SharePoint to quickly access cloud based storage. Teams also utilizes Outlook calendaring, allowing Teams to sync your schedule and update your status automatically for other team members to see. 

Teams is available for nearly all devices. Those with Office365 subscriptions can download Teams from their Office365 web portals. You can also find Teams in Apple’s App Store for Apple devices and in Google’s Play Store for Android devices. There is also a Mac version of the software, giving Teams portability over nearly every device. 

If you have Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise or Business products, check out this valuable and easy to use software that’s available to you.


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