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Looming Tariffs Will Increase Computer Costs

If the tariffs proposed by the Trump administration ever take effect, there would be an immediate increase in component costs for virtually all information technology equipment. Within every computer, printer, firewall, and other networking device are components made in China. The amount of Chinese-made components differs from device to device, so the price increases will not be uniform across all products. Those with more components from other countries will fare better. However, manufacturers will probably take advantage of everyone else raising prices to raise their prices as well. Industry forecasts put the pending tariff-induced price increases at 10 to 25 percent. 

If you are considering purchasing information technology equipment and you have the cash, purchase what you need now to avoid the price increases. Hopefully cooler heads prevail and the tariffs can be avoided. If not, look for manufacturers in our industry to take advantage of the tariffs to increase prices and improve margins.


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