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Security's Weakest Link: Your Employees

The technology we deploy to our clients to protect them from external threats is pretty powerful. Set up in layers, the defensive system catches potential hacks in the cloud (spam filtering), at the perimeter (firewall), and on the end user’s computer (anti-virus/anti-malware software). The layered approach blocks infected emails and bad websites and prevents evil code from running. While the multi-layered approach blocks most of these threats, the bad guys are constantly devising ways to get around your defenses. They now target the weakest point in your defenses: your users. The bad guys can easily trick employees into opening infected emails and links. Most infections are the result of an employee inadvertently infecting their computer by clicking a link they shouldn’t click on. The recent breaches we've investigated were caused by employees either opening bad links or using weak passwords. 

How does an employer protect themselves in today’s cyber-crime environment? Employee training should be at the top of everyone’s list. We offer free cyber training to our ActivMaintenance clients to help educate their employees. Our presentation has impacted employee behavior and led to a safer computing environment. Once employees understand the threats and become Cyber Deputies, there is a marked reduction in reported cyber threats on clients’ networks.

If you are a current ActivMaintenance client, reach out to us at (732) 747-9373 option 1 to schedule your FREE cyber training.  If you are not a current DeckerWright client, check with your vendor to see if they can provide you with training. If not, it may be time for a change.


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