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DeckerWright Corporation has been serving the Red Bank area since 1984, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Google Chrome Browser Sync

I spent some time reviewing the settings on my new Chromebook and a Chrome browser and found the documentation on Chrome’s Cloud Sync feature.   Not only are my bookmarks, logins, and frequently visited web sites cached by Google, the browser is also aware of any of my “cloud” printers.  HP has several models of printers that report into the cloud.  Chrome and Chromebooks can print directly to these printers.  In fact, any printer accessible by a Chrome browser may be printed to.  Just for testing, I was able to print to my HP printer at home from California, and my office printers from Arizona.  All from the cloud with no VPN tunnels and no special setup.

Click here for a link to the Google page that talks about how the service works.
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Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft recently pushed out Internet Explorer 11.   Unlike prior versions of the software that gave you the option to avoid installing the software, IE 11 is being pushed by Microsoft as a patch update.  The difference in the distribution means that if you have automatic updates turned on, you are going to get IE 11, like it or not.  Our initial testing of IE 11 was good, so we allowed the software to be pushed to our ActivMaintenance™ clients.  We were soon made aware of some browser compatibility problems, so we stopped distributing IE 11 until we have the problems identified and resolved.  If can’t get to a web site that you were on yesterday, check the browser version, it is probably IE 11.
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