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The Power of KPIs and Dashboards


In the past year we made major strides in improving our internal processes. As part of those improvements, we have been able to launch real-time management dashboards focused on key performance indicators (KPIs). The tool we use for this purpose is called BrightGauge. BrightGauge was specifically designed for the IT industry and has hooks into most of the major software packages we use.

By measuring the right KPIs, management and staff can maintain focus on the activities that have the greatest impact on our performance and success. For example, we have a gauge on our Operations dashboard that looks at new client-generated tickets. The gauge “dings” every minute until someone touches the ticket and moves it to a service board for resolution. This helps us maintain our internal 12 minute goal of touching new client requests. Other gauges we monitor are how many tickets we have opened and closed for the week and how many tickets are in a “client waiting state”.

For the sales team, we have gauges that monitor key sales activities. The sales team is responsible for so many outbound calls per day and week. The service board tracks progress and helps keep the sales team on track.

One of the greatest challenges facing a business is determining the KPIs that drive the business. Every business owner or manager has to identify KPIs that can be measured, monitored, and managed to improve performance. Whether the KPIs are sales calls, calls per day, tickets per service person, or some other metric, the KPI must be identified along with a way to capture and display the data. Start with understanding what the KPIs are for your business, and then find the system and display tools that will let you see the KPIs and how you are doing. The results on your business will be incredible!

Click HERE for information about BrightGauge.

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