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The Power of Peer Groups

For the past seven years, DeckerWright Corporation has been a member of the IT industry’s leading peer group, HTG.  Member companies come from across the United States and provide the same types of services.  Owners of the other company form the board of directors for DeckerWright Corporation providing feedback, ideas and accountability.  Many of the systems we have in place today to improve our service delivery and protect our client’s data have come from ideas fostered in the peer group.  At the latest meeting, we learned about new security tools and processes that we will be deploying to our clients over the next few months.  Another thing you discover in the peer group is IT problems in New Jersey look a lot like IT problems in California, Kansas and Florida.  Many of the problems someone else has seen and solved, another benefit we can pass along to our clients.

If you have an opportunity to get involved with a peer group in your industry or area, you should seriously consider it.

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