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The Week In Breach: 11/13/19 - 11/19/19

cyber attackUnited States - Florida Blue

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Exploit: Phishing Attack
Florida Blue: Health Insurance Provider

A phishing attack at one of Florida Blue’s third-party vendors successfully duped an employee into compromising patients’ personally identifiable information (PII). The event included less than 1% of Florida Blue’s members, but it shines a spotlight on the underlying cyber-security vulnerabilities within third-party partnerships. Now, because of an event outside of their immediate control, Florida Blue will face intense regulatory scrutiny and suffer from less-quantifiable reputational damage in the wake of breach.

United States - SmartASP.NET

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Exploit: Ransomware Attack
SmartASP.NET: Web Hosting Platform

Hackers encrypted the web hosting platform’s data, crippling both its IT infrastructure and customer data. After the attack, the company’s phones and website were both inaccessible, and SmartASP.NET was forced to notify customers that their data was encrypted. In addition to encrypting customer-facing infrastructure, a common target for ransomware attacks, the attack locked up significant amounts of back end data and delayed recovery efforts considerably.

United States - Starling Physicians

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Exploit: Phishing Attack
Starling Physicians: Connecticut-Based Healthcare Group

Three employees fell for a phishing scam, providing hackers with access to their email accounts which contained patients’ personally identifiable information. The breach originally occurred on February 8th but wasn’t discovered until September. It’s taken the company two months to identify those impacted by the breach and send notifications. This lengthy response time will make it more difficult for patients to protect their information, while also opening the company up to increased regulatory scrutiny that could result in fines or penalties that will compound the financial implications of the breach.

The Week in Breach: 11/20/19 - 11/26/19
The Week In Breach: 11/06/19 - 11/12/19

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