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Using Online Marketing Tools - LinkedIn Sales Navigator

We have tried many online tools for marketing over the years. The tools range from simple broadcast email systems to sophisticated utilities which combine a selection of suspects to work flows that send emails over time on a track. Last year, we upgraded our LinkedIn plan to include Sales Navigator. It is the only tool we are still using.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that allows the quick identification of possible leads and, more important, pulls information about the staff at the target company. That information enables us to target the right people in the organization. Have a client that is the perfect fit? Sales Navigator allows you to find clients with similar characteristics and add them to your marketing campaigns.

One of the main ways we use Sales Navigator is to help us find the right person in existing sales opportunities and to learn more about them to facilitate the sales process. Knowing their professional history and education gives us the opportunity to more quickly bond with a prospect and helps to establish credibility. Sales Navigator is now our first stop when we get a referral.

Sales Navigator can also monitor clients and prospects and report any changes in status. The reporting includes staff changes, posts, and news about the company. These alerts often lead to quality touches such as congratulating a prospect on an accomplishment. Sales Navigator is the best tool we have found to help our sales process.

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