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Windows 10 Upgrade Options


With the end of Windows 7 less than a year away, we have been getting many calls on how to move from Windows 7 to Windows 10.   There are three options we are presenting to our clients.  They include: 1. Use Windows 10 upgrade rights that may have come with your computer; 2. Upgrade the computer to Windows 10 operating system by purchasing Windows 10; or 3. Replace the Windows 7 computer with a new computer with Windows 10.

Here's the logic we're using to determine the best method for getting a company’s computers on Windows 10 operating system.  The first question - how old is the computer?  If the computer was built in 2017 or 2018 (less than two years old), upgrading the operating system to Windows 10 is an option.  This option gets better if the computer shipped with Windows 10 upgrade rights.  If the computer has Windows 10 upgrade rights, it will be clearly displayed on a sticker on the computer.  If the computer doesn’t have a sticker documenting Windows 10 upgrade rights, the computer doesn’t have upgrade rights.  A client using this option will need to provide DeckerWright Corporation with the manufacturer provided media and Windows 10 license key. 

Why are computers older than two years old bad candidates for being upgraded?  Computer manufacturers change the internal devices of their computers all the time.  A computer purchased three years ago may have devices like video, network and sound that are not supported with manufacturer drivers for Windows 10.  Taking the time to research driver issues to determine if drivers are available is wasted time.  As a result, we have established an upgrade policy that if the computer’s purchase date is older than January 1, 2017, it is not a candidate for being upgraded by DeckerWright Corporation.

If your computer qualifies for an upgrade but you don’t have an upgrade license for Windows 10, how do you get it?  DeckerWright Corporation sells Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) versions of Windows 10 installed on a new solid state drive.  The other option for getting Windows 10, is to upgrade an Office 365 license to Microsoft 365.  The Microsoft 365 license includes Exchange Online, Desktop Office 2019 and Windows 10 operating system.  The Microsoft 365 subscription is $20 per month.  If for some reason you drop the Microsoft 365 subscription, the Windows 10 operating system will be put in a zombie state after the subscription ends. 

The last option is replacing the computer with a new computer.  We provide our clients with this full range of options and include additional services to migrate user desktops, favorites, email, documents and other data.  Keep in mind that either the upgrade to Windows 10 or new Windows 10 computers will need to have software re-installed necessitating access to the media and software licensing for any application installed on the Windows 7 computers.  DeckerWright Corporation can take away the pain of upgrading to Windows 10.

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