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Windows Server 2008 R2 Nearing End of Life

Microsoft has announced they will stop supporting Windows Server 2008 as of January of 2020. While this is still two years away, it is well within the planning window for most businesses. 

If your company has servers running Windows Server 2008, you should be working on plans to replace the servers, either by moving the applications and data to the cloud or by replacing the servers. A decision to move to the cloud is more than dollars and cents. In general, the long term cost of going to the cloud is higher than keeping the systems locally. This is true since most businesses keep their equipment five or more years with few updates. If you plan on running the servers until the “wheels fall off”, getting a replacement server is the right economic decision. If your business is going virtual, with employees working remotely, then a cloud solution may make sense despite the extra monthly costs. DeckerWright works with multiple cloud providers including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Green Cloud, and Tetherview. 

Many software companies offer their line-of-business applications as cloud solutions, so a company’s network architecture becomes a hybrid, with some applications running locally and some applications running in the cloud. DeckerWright’s systems are setup in a hybrid fashion. The hybrid approach has the added benefit of supporting our Business Continuity Plan should our facility become unusable. Contact DeckerWright Corporation for help in deciding the best method for replacing Windows Server 2008.

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